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This is a place for planning, discussing and informing the students with news related to the annual Out Loud! Festival, which features the voices of the Advanced English Students at RUM.

The Department of English is excited to be hosting the Eighth Annual Out Loud! Voices of the Advanced English Students Festival on April 6th, 2016.

The English Department will host the seventh annual Out Loud! Festival featuring the academic and creative projects of students enrolled in the Advanced English courses. A gallery exhibition of drawings, paintings, three-dimensional works, short films, and other digital media; as well as creative writing and academic essays will be featured in Chardon (CH-326).

Approximately one hundred students participate in this event by exhibiting or performing their works. All of the exhibited works and performances grow out of classroom assignments in the Advanced English courses. This challenging course sequence is designed to foster students' critical thinking, reading, writing, and speaking skills though the in-depth analysis of diverse texts and research-supported critical and creative inquiry.

This event is free and open to the public. For more information, you may contact the faculty coordinator: Dr. Ricia Chansky at ricia.chansky@upr.edu, or the student coordinator Laura Garcia de la Noceda at laura.garcia3@upr.edu.

Here's to hearing your voices Out Loud!


The OUT LOUD! Festival is an annual event held to celebrate all the hard work that students do in their Advanced English Courses. Advanced English I and II are a demanding course sequence in which students hone their critical thinking, reading, and writing skills through the complex and creative analysis of literatures in English. We hope you enjoy the many and varied projects that were created in or inspired by the Advanced English Courses!

THE 2010 OUT LOUD! Festival was held on Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The OUT LOUD! Gallery was open from 8:30am to 4:30pm

in Chardon Hall Room 326

The OUT LOUD! Performances were held from 5:30pm to 8:30pm

in the Figueroa Chapel in Chardon Hall

This event was free and open to the public.

Over 200 students participated in the 2010 Out Loud! Festival

and over 600 people attended the festivities.



Reinaldo Agostini Yin without Yang Jose R. Alvarez Ford Rim Production Line Ana BarrientosCollage Ana G. Cancel “Wild Nights” Andres Cordova Foucaupoly Francisco J. Díaz Viera VisualGabriela Escalera Foucault Interpretation Adrian Figueroa “Reputation is an Idle and Most False Imposition” Licia García The Universe Fernando Herrero False Utopia and Isamar Rosa Plata Portrait of Foucault Jennifer Irizary Soto Finger Painting Ariana López García Iago’s Two Faces Patricia Lugo Rodríguez The Masque of the Red Death Kimberly Moran Foucauldian MirrorGabriel Nieves “Tuesday 9/11/01” Ana Ortiz Blind Fate Carolyn N. Ortiz Merced The Puppet Master Wanda R. Ortiz Say… Elealé M. Rivera-Carlo Oedipus’s Rage Grace M. Rodriguez GomezVisual Melissa Rosa Plata “Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day” Melissa E. Rosado SotoOedipus’s Curse Luis Enrique Sepúlveda Hernández Within Hill House’s Walls Angeliz Vangas Medina Othello Artists’ Book Magdalisse Velazques Visual


Amadis Acevedo, Carmen Caro, Fabiola Ramos, and Robin Rodriquez “The Rocking Horse Winner” Ruth Agosto, Eduardo Alvarez, Gabriela Couvertier, Mirielis Luciano, and Alicia SurrilloThe Passengers Michael Hendricks Spanish-English Code Switching in Video Games Abimelec Mercado Short Film Jessie Mundo, Gabriela D. Nazario, Wanda R. Ortiz, and Stephanie PullitzaLolita Fashions vs. the “Rhythms of Collective Life”: Do You Dare? Carolyn N. Ortiz MercedWilliam Shakespeare Wanda R. Ortiz Who Are You?


Jaclyn Abbott Short Stories Angel Acosta Blind and The One behind that Smile José A. Algarín Ballesteros The Complex World of Oedipus Winedmarie Andújar Torres Oedipus Rex’s ConflictCristina Beatriz Monroig Balcells Essay Abner L. Coimbre Oedipus Rex: The Foolish King Errick N. Cotto Ortiz Haiku Mara M. Delgado Sánchez A Striking Little Breeze Jasmine I. Figueroa Love. Life. Carla Michelle Matos in Search of and actions hurt Your Sonya G. Méndez Castellanos The Resistance Mauricio M. Ortega City of Rain, Mother, and Writers of Life Carolyn N. Ortiz MercedA Fantasy Escape Ian Rolon Growing Up Fabiola Salgado Essay Fernando L Valverde VallePassage to Judgment Magdalisse Velazquez Poems


Yesinia Acevedo Love Story Denisse M. Echevarría Silva and Gabriel M. Morales Ruiz One PeopleCristina Beatriz Monroig Balcells Essay Giselle M. Montalvo Negrón Synchronized UniquenessKeysha Gonzalez Rich Usher, Poor Psyche’s Puppet Jessie Mundo, Gabriela D. Nazario, Wanda R. Ortiz, and Stephanie Pullitza Lolita Fashions vs. the “Rhythms of Collective Life”: Do You Dare? Abner L. Coimbre Oedipus Rex: The Foolish King Kimberly Moran and Amadis Acevedo “To His Coy Mistress” Angel Acosta Blind and The One Behind that Smile Raisa K. Cortes Jimenez Why isn’t the Blindfold Sonya G. Méndez Castellanos The Resistance Carla Michelle Matos in Search of and actions hurt Your Mauricio M. Ortega City of Rain, Mother, and Writers of Life Lyannis Ortiz Rosario Eleven Nights of Full Moon Ian Rolon Growing Up Carmelo J. Cintron Guys, Time to Be Wussy! Reina Aneses, Francisco Diaz, Marcos Esmurria, Lorena Feliú, Onix Hernández, Jennifer Irizarry, Ariana López, and Jesus Quiñonez R.U.M.ania Ana G. Cancel and Jorge Cintrón Sure Thing Katiusca Egipaciaco and Juan Carlos Gonzalez Date Night Lyannis Ortiz Rosario Nora Blew Lucia C. Hernández Rodríguez “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” Fabio Taratona Cuatro Puertorriqueno Ansel R. Cancel, Alex Davila, Mathew A. Morales, and William Morales Feedback Adriana Mendez Hugs


Ricia Anne Chansky, Laurence Chott, Eric D. Lamore,

Mabel Ortiz, Ismael Rivera, and Nidia Tirú

For more information, please contact either Dr. Ricia Anne Chansky at ricia.chansky at upr.edu or Dr. Eric D. Lamore at eric.lamore at upr.edu.

Activity Day:
Enjoy these Out Loud Festival 2010 Pictures!

Every year the Department of English hosts a festival to share the academic & creative works of our students with the entire university community.

The Festival includes a Gallery space where students display visual creative projects, including artwork & short films.

Painting inspired by the plays of William Shakespeare

Painting inspired by the stories of Edgar Allan Poe
Drawing inspired by the short story “The Shawl” by Cynthia Ozick.
Digital photography project inspired by the play Oedipus Rex by Sophocles.
Students also exhibited graphic novels, comic books, & artists’ books
like this one about Desdemona from Shakespeare’s Othello.
The Gallery also shows sculptures
like this one inspired by the poet Emily Dickinson
and other 3D works,
such as this altered Monopoly game inspired by Michel Foucault’s Madness and Civilization.
We also have a book filled with student poems & short stories
as well a communal story that all our visitors help write.

The Festival also includes an evening stage where students play music, dance, sing, perform skits, read original works, recite, & give academic presentations.
A cuatro player,

two rapping poets,

& a documentary film maker.

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